What our customers say

I applied for a rental property through LJ Hooker Oran Park on Tuesday. I am completely blown away with how efficient and organised your property management staff are, especially Naomi. She is lovely and so professional. We got approved this afternoon (Friday) and I can't believe how quick and effortless this whole situation has been. I can't wait to be a part of the LJ Hooker family. Again, I believe Naomi deserves to be recognised for her work. I have heard some pretty shocking stories from friends about real estate property managers and I will be recommending LJ Hooker Oran Park to all my friends and family.

K. Howard

I have two children , the little one is 5 months old , and Naomi did understand my situation and showed me 4 houses on the same day. She was very good at understanding and processed my application on time. Thank you Naomi

S. Boina & A. Dandu

Satisfaction: 100% Recommendation: 100% Performance: 92%

D. Roberts & B. Tanner

Naomi and the team at LJ Hooker Oran Park, Thank you both so much for your help and putting up with my constant phone calls over the last few days.

Kate - Future Tenant